Use Technology for a Healthier You

iPhone 4 JailbreakWhile technology can be a hindrance in many ways and a distraction to leading a stress free lifestyle it can be incredibly beneficial from a health point of view.

We always talk about how we should leave technology behind when trying to exercise, detox, and get away from all the trappings of modern life however technology itself can be a way to keep track of your health. This is particularly true of the iPhone 4 which has really propelled itself as the go to device for health conscience people.

For example there are countless apps on both the Apple app store and also the Cydia app store for those who have unlocked their iPhone which can keep track of certain aspects of your health and your fitness levels.

Cardiovascular Health

For exercising and keeping tabs on your heart rate then the iPhone 4 is a fantastic resource to utilize. Apps such as Cardiograph and many others that can be used on jailbroken devices to monitor your heart rate when exercising by using the arterial changes in your fingertips as a guide. This allows your iPhone to keep a record of your heart, print it off, and view your cardiovascular history as well.

Diabetes Help

For many iPhone 4 users who suffer from diabetes, keeping track of their condition and their glucose numbers can be difficult. I iphone-armbands-for-workoutyour jailbreak iPhone 4 and find a working jailbreak solution then you can download various apps – including Glucose Buddy – that help you to keep track of your glucose levels, insulin dosage, and see trends in your intake over time.

Workout Assistance 

For those who regularly workout and exercise then the apps available on the iPhone 4 are plentiful. There are many that are exclusive to the Cydia store for jailbroken iPhone’s that provide unique training exercises and workout regimes. This can focus on things such as ab workouts, cardiovascular exercises or even relaxing methods like yoga and meditation for both physical and mental health.

We often view technology and things such as cell phones as being a detriment to our overall well-being. While they provide a purpose in daily life they can also be seen as being intrusive and have a negative impact. However devices such as the iPhone 4 have their positives as well as demonstrated by the various apps that are available that directly help our health and fitness levels.

How to jailbreak iPhone 4We haven’t even touched on the various meal plans and health food guides that are available as well which can help to transform your unhealthy and calorie laden diet into one that is full of foods and ingredients which are great for your body and mind.

As with everything, using your iPhone to advance your health requires dedication and the willpower to change your ways however once you overcome this hurdle at the start then getting into the routine is straightforward.

It is not an easy ride to a healthy life but it is one that is ultimately worth it in the end and the iPhone can play a crucial role in the journey towards better health and a better you.

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