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GAVI Update

Geneva, Switzerland, 9 - 10 December 2003

Click here to download the full report as a PDF document (44K) or follow the links below to view it on screen. Relevant documents and presentations are also available by following the links below. Click here for the list of participants (PDF - 20K).

Agenda items:

  1. Report from the field: Cambodia

  2. Recommendations of the Independent Review Committee

  3. The GAVI 2004-05 Work Plan and Budget

  4. Development of long term strategy and plan for GAVI

  5. GAVI Secretariat and The Vaccine Fund management : launching a path toward convergence

  6. The Grand Campaign for Child Immunization

  7. The Vaccine Provision Project (VPP)

  8. Systems Barriers

  9. Financial sustainability update

  10. Polio

  11. Measles

  12. ADIPs

  13. New Technologies

  14. Board Turnover

  15. Other Business
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