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Abuja, Nigeria, 4-5 December 2004

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  • Presentation - Bo Stenson
    PPT - 325K
  • 2004-05 GAVI Work Plan - Cover note
    PDF - 28K
  • 2004-05 GAVI Work Plan - Background documents (1-8)
    PDF - 109K
  • 2004-05 GAVI Work Plan - Interim Technical Report (abridged)
    PDF - 158K
  • GAVI Work Plan 2003 Final Report
    PDF - 88K
  • GAVI Work Plan 2003 - Cover note
    PDF - 29K
  • 3 Final report of the 2003 Work Plan and Interim report of the GAVI 2004-05 Work Plan

    • As the planning starts on the next GAVI work plan it will be important to present the Board with less detail and more of a broad and strategic perspective, so that it does not ‘lose the forest in the trees’.

    The Board:

      3.1 Approved the report of the 2003 Work Plan

      3.2 Adopted the proposed reallocations and additional budgets for 2004-05 Work Plan.

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    View all documents here

    View all presentations here


    1. Presentation by Nigeria immunization programme
    2. Overview of the first phase of GAVI and The Vaccine Fund financial report
    3. Final report of the 2003 Work Plan and Interim report of the GAVI 2004-05 Work Plan
    4. ADIP Management Committee Report and Recommendations
    5. Recommendations of the Hib task force
    6. Financing
    7. ISS Extension
    8. Independent Review Committee (IRC) policy recommendations
    9. Recommendation of the governance sub-group
    10. Framework for strengthening immunization services
    11. Long-term procurement strategy
    12. Funding for innovations programme
    13. Eligible countries in phase 2
    14. Global Immunization Vision and Strategy
    15. International Finance Facility for Immunization (IFFIm)
    16. Board turnover
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