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Eighth GAVI Board Meeting, Paris, 19-20 June 2002

Click here to download the full report as a Word document, or follow the links below to view it on screen. Relevant documents and presentations are also available by following the links below.

Agenda items:

Pre-meeting symposium on Scaling up a joint response between global and national efforts: Summary of Presentations and Discussion

1. Report From Asia

2. GAVI Review

3. Lessons Learned

4. Evolution of the Task Force on Country Coordination (TFCC) into the Implementation Task Force (ITF)

5. Immunization Financing Database

6. Financial Sustainability Plan Update

7. The Vaccine Fund Draft Strategic Plan and Emerging Policy Issues

8. Accelerated Development and Introduction of Priority New Vaccines; ADIPs

9. Revised guidelines for optimal, effective and catalytic use of resources from "Window 3" of the Vaccine Fund

10. IRC Recommendations from the 7th country proposal review round

11. NGO representative to the GAVI Board

12. In Camera session

Participants List Paris Board Meeting (Word, 35,kb)

Background items:

Paper A: Proposal for November Board Agenda Item: WHO/UNICEF Human Resources for Immunization (Word, 30kb)

Paper B: Update Hib conjugate vaccine introduction and Hib disease burden in Asia (Word, 760 kb)

Paper C: Update of MVP activities (Word, 24 kb)

Paper D: Developing Successful Global Health Alliances [PDF, 144 kb]


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