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6 June 2003

Summary Report (Word - 23K)

1. Framework for approval and provision of Vaccine Fund supported supplies

The Board:

  • Endorsed the five-year framework for approval and provision of Vaccine Fund supported supplies to date, including the outlined conditions for discontinuation of support, with the addition of the proposed text from Rick Klausner of the Gates Foundation:
  • "In endorsing the framework, the Board recognizes the need for an integrated and accountable process that links supply, delivery and financing in order to successfully enact the framework and that implementing an optimal procurement strategy requires a working process -- such as an effective VPP -- that integrates efforts at WHO, UNICEF Supply Division, the GAVI Secretariat and The Vaccine Fund."

    [The framework was subsequently approved by the Vaccine Fund Executive Committee.]

  • Approved the financial implications of the above decision, which has been estimated to be $384,936,500 - $356,586,000 for new vaccines and $28,350,500 for injection safety support. (This is in addition to the $242,512,100 already approved for supplies to date through the annual approval process - $206,887,600 for new vaccines and $35,624,500 for injection safety.)
  • [This was not approved by the Vaccine Fund Executive Committee at this time because the financial ramifications of the procurement process is not yet clear. The Vaccine Fund EC will only consider this when procurement negotiations for 2004-06 has been finalized.]

  • Agreed that the GAVI Board will need to continue evaluating the role of Vaccine Fund resources and the implications of decisions and commitments on the markets and availability of vaccines and supplies in the future.

  • Recognized that in the future the GAVI Board may need to develop a policy for making commitments that are contingent upon the availability of funds.
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