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30 June 2003

Summary Report (Word - 22K)

1. IRC Recommendations

The Board:

  • Endorsed all of the recommendations of the IRC concerning approval of country proposals. The financial implications for the approval of the new country proposals are estimated to be US$ 21.3 million for 2003-2004, and US$ 91.7 million for the corresponding financial commitment for a five year period, bringing the total five-year commitment to US$ 1,027 million.
  • Requested The Vaccine Fund Executive Committee to approve the above recommendations, and to provide US$91.7 million to meet the financial obligations of this decision.
  • Endorsed the policy recommendations from the Working Group based on those from the IRC. Namely:
    1. Conditional approvals will be valid for 12 months. If the conditions are not met within one year of the first submission, a re-submission of a new proposal is required.
    2. Due to the current combination vaccine shortage, the IRC will not1 review new applications for combination vaccines until the requested vaccine will be available within 18 months from the date of the review.
    3. New2 proposals for injection safety support will be eligible to receive enough AD syringes and safety boxes to vaccinate all infants (under 12 months) against those diseases included in their own national routine immunization schedule. This implies that measles-containing vaccines, such as MMR and MR, tetanus-containing vaccines such as Td and DT, and polio-containing vaccines such as IPV, will be covered. The financial implications of this policy revision would be well within the means of current Vaccine Fund resources.

1Does not apply to submitted proposals which have previously received conditional approvals.
2Applies to new proposals only, as the amount of human effort required to make this policy retroactive cannot be justified against the actual extra financial support that would be provided to countries.

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