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What is GAVI?

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization was formed to harness the strengths and experience of multiple partners in immunization. It is an historic alliance between the private and public sector committed to the mission of saving children's lives and protecting people's health through the widespread use of vaccines.

A new type of public-private partnership, GAVI brings together governments in developing and industrialized countries, established and emerging vaccine manufacturers, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), research institutes, UNICEF, the World Health Organization, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Bank.

What is GAVI "added value"?

The basic spirit of the alliance is to focus on those areas in which no one partner can work effectively alone and to add value to what partners are already doing. GAVI added value has been defined in four areas:


GAVI provides a unique opportunity to build consensus around policies, strategies and priorities and assign responsibility to the one that has the comparative advantage. It is now important to aim for better synergy with NGOs and the larger health sector outside of immunization.


Through The Vaccine Fund, GAVI provides considerable financial resources to countries to purchase vaccines and other supplies and to support the operational costs of immunization. The Alliance needs to ensure that it is fully capitalizing on The Vaccine Fund’s comparative advantage to employ new and innovative funding strategies - providing a true added value in the context of existing bilateral and multilateral support to country health systems.


New processes and actions have been established with the GAVI alliance. Examples include the country proposal and review process, performance-based grants for immunization services support, financial sustainability planning, the Data Quality Audit (DQA), the Vaccine Provision Project (VPP) and the Accelerated Development and Introduction Plans (ADIPs). Looking ahead, GAVI needs to capitalize on its direct access to countries through the Vaccine Fund proposal process and its community-wide collaboration to capture ‘best practices’ from the field, conduct operational research to assess their applicability to other settings and support their implementation. Also valuable are lessons learned about less effective practices, so that they are not repeated elsewhere.


As an alliance of major leaders in international health and development GAVI has great potential to affect decision making among policy makers and donors on the value of vaccination for reducing poverty and infant mortality in the developing world. In fact the mere existence of GAVI and The Vaccine Fund has resulted in greater commitment to immunization among partners at the global and national levels.

Since its launch in 2000, the alliance has been uniquely effective in its mission, adopting a rigorous business-like attitude in resolving a global health concern.

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GAVI introductory video

Videocast of the launch of the GAVI Children’s Challenge at the World Economic Forum, 31 January 2000


GAVI launch, Davos (January 2000)

1st Partners' Meeting, Noordwijk (November 2000)

2nd Partners' Meeting, Dakar (November 2002)

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