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Former Task Forces

GAVI Task Force on Research and Development (R&DTF)

The GAVI Task Force on Research and Development (R&DTF) was co-chaired by WHO, the University of Maryland and Chiron Vaccines. Objectives of the task force included:

  • Supporting the GAVI objectives to:
    • Accelerate the development and introduction of new vaccines and technologies
    • Accelerate R&D efforts for vaccines needed primarily in developing countries.
  • Catalyze action and coordinate global initiatives for
    • a limited number of disease specific programmes which can most effectively contribute to the Task Force's ultimate goals
    • a limited number of new technologies which will improve safety, effectiveness, utility or performance of immunization in developing countries
  • Promoting private-public sector partnerships in R&D, and involving the private sector in R&D initiatives in developing countries

  • Establishing forums for policy dialogue and information sharing.

R&D Task Force






Related activities

Accelerating R&D efforts


Priority technologies


Having successfully launched the Accelerated Development and Introduction Plans for new vaccines and priority technologies, the R&D Task Force completed all the tasks that had been set for it by the GAVI Board. It's major accomplishments included:

  • Selecting the 3 GAVI priority diseases (Pneumococcus, Rotavirus, Meningococcus).

  • Selecting the 3 GAVI priority technologies (vaccine stabilization; non-invasive test for tetanus to measure overall effectiveness of immunization programs; devices to "defang" used needles)

  • Opening "Window 3" (funding for R&D) of The Vaccine Fund.

  • Facilitating the development of the rotavirus and pneumococcal ADIPs.

  • Facilitating the development of the New Technologies agenda/ADIPs.

  • Conducting a yearly review the R&D field during the Global Vaccine Research Forum.

As its work had been completed, this task force was disbanded in July 2003. Follow up work on the report of the New Technologies Working Group of the R&DTF will be managed by the Secretariat, with involvement of appropriate partners. In the future, ad hoc time-limited groups may be established, as and when needed, to tackle specific issues.


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