Former Task Forces

Implementation Task Force (ITF)

The Implementation Task Force (ITF) was co-chaired by WHO and the government of Norway. The objectives of the task force included:

  • Assisting governments to ensure the existence and functioning of government-led coordination mechanisms for immunization partners at country level.
  • Defining indicators and mechanisms to monitor National Immunization Programmes against defined indicators.
  • Promoting the use and interpretation of appropriate assessment tools for evaluation of immunization programmes.
  • Assisting governments to ensure that immunization services are integrated into health reform systems and that critical indicators are adapted into routinely used health system formats.
  • Establishing and/or institutionalizing a mechanism for global coordination of country visits and technical assistance made by GAVI Partners.





  • April 2003
  • October 2002


Photo credit: Thomas L. Kelly

Regional Working Groups

Regional working groups (RWGs) were established by partners at the regional level in response to the need to more quickly identify and address the technical assistance requirements of countries, improve communication and streamline efforts, in support of the GAVI and Vaccine Fund processes.

There are currently six RWGs:

  1. Western and Central Africa
  2. Eastern and Southern Africa
  3. Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  4. Western Pacific
  5. South East Asia
  6. Eastern Mediterranean


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