Geneva, Switzerland, 9 - 10 December 2003

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9. Financial sustainability update

  • It is clear that the World Bank and other financing partners’ commitment to health is having a positive effect on securing finance sustainability for immunization in countries. In his visits to countries over the past few months Executive Secretary Tore Godal has received strong commitments from country officials - including heads of state and high level health and finance ministry staff - to secure funds to sustain their immunization programs.

  • The costs of the financial sustainability planning process cannot be significantly reduced, because there is a great need for increased capacity for doing this work in health ministries and among immunization professionals. Of course the more that is learned, the more that this process can be streamlined.

  • It would be good in a future meeting to have an update about the extent to which FSPs have been successfully integrated into PRSPs, MTEFs and SWAPs by GAVI eligible countries.


The Board:

    9.1 Approved extending the time of vaccine grants to ten years, if a country finds other financial resources to cover some of the costs. This will not change the dollar amounts of grants.

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