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GAVI and The Vaccine Fund A brief description of the relationship between GAVI and its financing arm The Vaccine Fund

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Progress and Achievements Information on GAVI's progress to date (April 2005) PDF - 104KB
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Donors Donors to the Global Alliance for Immunization and The Vaccine Fund PDF - 65KB
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MDGs Increased immunization is vital to achieving the child mortality target in the Millenium Development Goals PDF - 66KB
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ISS Evaluation Evaluation of Immunization Services Support (ISS) Funding PDF - 51KB
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ISS Funding Immunization Services Support (ISS): how it works PDF - 51KB
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Hepatitis B What is hepatitis B? PDF - 67KB
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NEW: Joint GAVI/Vaccine Fund Principles

GAVI fact sheets



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GAVI Progress & Challenges 2004

GAVI Progress Report 2002

GAVI brochure (PDF - 339K)


GAVI introductory video

Videocast of the launch of the GAVI Children’s Challenge at the World Economic Forum, 31 January 2000


GAVI launch, Davos (January 2000)

1st Partners' Meeting, Noordwijk (November 2000)

2nd Partners' Meeting, Dakar (November 2002)


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