Washington, DC, 6-7 July 2004

Presentation by Beverley Warmington, UK Treasury
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5. International Finance Facility

  • If the IFF for immunization goes forward, it will be in effect a launch of the IFF concept, on a limited scale.

  • Immunization is a promising area in which to test the concept of the IFF, but many more details are needed, including criteria for funding, disbursement mechanisms, and the financial architecture. There are many assumptions, such as future reductions in vaccine prices and absorption capacity of poor countries; these assumptions require validation.

  • The Board will need to know the pros and cons of the mechanism and the potential risks of creating a link to GAVI. The World Bank autumn meetings might provide a good opportunity to gain this knowledge.

  • Care must be taken so that an IFF for immunization does not make distortions; with each new vehicle comes the risk of more fragmentation.

  • It is not yet clear how the money raised by the immunization IFF would be disbursed - these issues are under discussion.


The Board:

    5.1 Applauded the leadership of the UK government in designing and proposing the IFF; if the IFF materializes it could have a profound effect on development.

    5.2 Endorsed further exploration of the IFF for immunization by the 'trio plus two': WHO, UNICEF and The Vaccine Fund, plus the World Bank and the Gates Foundation.

    5.3 Requested simple, straightforward briefing materials as soon as possible, by the GAVI partners. Advocacy materials should be developed after Board agreement had been reached on an IFF for immunization- project.

    5.4 Agreed to continue discussing the IFF for immunization with interested donors.

    5.5 Requested the GAVI EC to have a comprehensive discussion of the immunization IFF at its next meeting.

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