GAVI Board Teleconference

15 October 2004

Summary Report ( PDF – 13K)

1. Appointment of the new GAVI Executive Secretary

  • Board members congratulated the recruitment committee, and the consultant Egon Zehnder International, for an excellent recruitment process that has found a very well qualified candidate.

  • The recruitment committee conducted the search with the agreement that the new leader would be responsible for the convergence process of the GAVI Secretariat and the Vaccine Fund management.

  • As much as possible during the transition period, the incoming Executive Secretary should work closely with the current Executive Secretary, Tore Godal, and the current president of The Vaccine Fund, Jacques-François Martin.


The GAVI Board:

    1.1 Approved the recommendation of the GAVI Board Executive Secretary Recruitment subcommittee to appoint Dr Julian Lob-Levyt as the next GAVI Executive Secretary, effective 1 January 2005.


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