14th GAVI Board Meeting | Abuja, Nigeria, 4-5 December 2004


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December 4th

Where are we nowPresentation
Country situation presentation

The Hon. Prof. Eyitayo Lambo, MOH, Nigeria
( PPT - 586 )

Overview of GAVI phase 1: what have we accomplished? What has not been accomplished?Tore Godal
( PPT - 491K)
The Vaccine Fund financial reportJacques-Franšois Martin
( PPT - 454K)
2004-2005 GAVI Work Plan interim report; 2003 work plan final reportBo Stenson
( PPT - 325K)
Ensuring a smooth transitionPresentation
Hib team recommendationsDavid Fleming
( PPT - 182K)
Financial sustainability analysis

Patrick Lydon &áRuth Levine
( PPT - 2605K)

Bridge financing

Violaine Mitchell
( PPT - 652K)

December 5th

Looking ahead to phase 2Presentation
Governance sub-group report and recommendationsRudi Daems, for John Lambert
( PPT - 456K)
Global Immunization Vision and StrategyJean-Marie Okwo-Bele & Pascal Villeneuve
( PPT - 216K)
Framework for strengthening immunization servicesSigrun M÷gedal & Paul Fife
( PPT - 76K)
Country eligibility for phase 2Bo Stenson
( PPT - 246K)


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