Fifth GAVI Board Meeting, 21-22 June 2001, London, England

June 2001

Update on R&D project agendas and technology transfer


A great deal of progress has been made in moving ahead on the three vaccine projects (download Word file – approx. 196kb), but the Board must continue to monitor whether priority vaccines are getting the support necessary to accelerate their development.

The Board agreed to the substance of the draft statement on technology transfer but felt that the text should be more neutral in tone, and that the new developing country vaccine manufacturers network should be consulted in the process.


The Board:

  • endorsed the statement that: Technology transfer must not be treated as an end in and of itself, but should be considered as a means toward GAVI’s larger objectives to accelerate the development of priority vaccines and expand the use of all vaccines;

  • accepted DFID’s offer to draft a revised statement on technology transfer.


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