Fifth GAVI Board Meeting, 21-22 June 2001, London, England

June 2001

Financing Task Force update, including financial sustainability and user fees


The Board:

  • approved the proposed definition of financial sustainability , as follows:

    Although self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal, in the nearer term, sustainable financing is the abilitiy of a country to mobilize and efficiently use domestic and supplementary external resources on a reliable basis to achieve target levels of immunization performance;

  • approved a statement to describe the position of GAVI partners on user fees , as follows:

    In the absence of compelling country or regional data unequivocally document their value, user fees should not be levied in publicly financed national immunization services;

  • acknowledged the need for continued work to develop a database of immunization financing in countries. This database would include information on immunization funding sources, expenditures and gaps, and would help to guard against replacement funding by the Vaccine Fund. The workplan being proposed by the FTF would require an additional $300,000 over the next six months.


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