Fourth GAVI Board Meeting

Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 19 November 2000

Dr Gro-Harlem Brundtland, Director-General of the World Health Organization and Chair of the GAVI Board, called the meeting to order. Dr Els Borst-Eilers, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport for the Netherlands, welcomed the Board to Noordwijk.

Executive summary

  • Status report of the Vaccine Fund: projection of expenditures

  • Country review process and recommendations for approval of second-round countries

  • Task Force on Research and Development: terms of reference and composition

  • Improved immunization systems, products and technologies: GAVI project development agendas

  • Collaboration with specific disease programmes

  • GAVI Secretariat: progress, plans, income, expenditures and budget for 2001–2002

  • ‘In-camera’ session

Other documents (Word – 165k)

  • Annex 7a: GAVI Board policy on vaccines of limited supply
    This document, produced by the GAVI Working Group, outlines the main points of consensus reached by the GAVI Board on the allocation of scarce combination vaccines during its 4 October teleconference.

  • Annex 7b: GAVI In-kind donation policy

  • Annex 7c: Summary report of the GAVI Board Teleconference, 4 October 2000

Participants list (Word – 25k)

Full report (PDF – 719k)



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