Fourth GAVI Board Meeting, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 19 November 2000

Status report of the Vaccine Fund: projection of expenditures

Mr Jacques-François Martin, President of the Vaccine Fund, presented three scenarios representing low, intermediate and high projections for income and expenditures over the next five years (See Annex 1 Powerpoint – 650k).

The Board:

1.1 Noted that current Vaccine Fund resources are sufficient to address the basic GAVI objectives but that more resources are needed for GAVI to meet all its goals.

1.2 Endorsed a conservative policy on expenditures so that financial commitments to countries will be consistent with available Vaccine Fund resources.

1.3 Welcomed the announcement, made at the meeting by Dr Borst-Eilers, that the Government of the Netherlands will commit 250 million guilders (approximately US$ 100 million) to GAVI and the Vaccine Fund over the next five years;

1.4 Recognized that the projections on expenditures do not take into consideration supply shortfalls among combination vaccines and that these shortfalls demonstrate GAVI’s affect in generating demand for the vaccines and the need for long-term planning.

1.5 Requested that Mr Martin, in collaboration with the Working Group, further develop the three scenarios he described, providing specific recommendations on potential levels of support from the Vaccine Fund and reporting back to the Board at its June 2001 meeting.



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