Fourth GAVI Board Meeting, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 19 November 2000

GAVI Secretariat: progress, plans, income, expenditures and budget for 2001–2002

Dr Tore Godal, GAVI Executive Secretary, presented a summary (Word – 181k) of the Secretariat’s income and expenditures to date, and a proposed budget for 2001-2002.

The Board:

6.1 Urged its partners to make their contributions to the Secretariat in a timely manner.

6.2 Approved the proposed budget, in principle, but questioned whether estimated expenditures actually represented projected needs, or were a reflection of projected income.

6.3 Recommended that, because of its increasing workload, the Secretariat change its currently vacant post for an administrative staff member from half-time to full-time, regularize the contracts of its short-term staff, and consider adding a limited number of additional staff as needs arise.



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