GAVI involvement in global research and development (R&D) efforts

Accelerated Development and Introduction of Priority New Vaccines (ADIPs)

In the Millennium Development Goals the international community defined an ambitious global target for children’s health - to reduce, by 2015, the under-five mortality rate by two thirds. To achieve this goal new ways to combat devastating communicable diseases must be developed.

The ADIPs aim to shorten the lag between vaccines being proven safe and effective for use in the industrialized world and their introduction in developing countries. In the past, this gap has been decades long. For example, 15 to 18 years after being made available, Hib and hepatitis B vaccines are routinely given to only 10% of infants in the world’s poorest countries. Clearly, a concentrated public sector effort is needed to accelerate this process for pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines.

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Priority technologies

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Research and Development Task Force

New technologies to improve immunization efficiency

By providing catalytic support to a companion group of R&D projects, GAVI is working to address gaps in access to vaccines by improving the practicality and efficiency of immunization. The three focal areas are 1) decreasing dependence on the cold chain, 2) new performance evaluation methods, and 3) infectious waste reduction. The Board has selected specific technologies in each of these areas.

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