February 2003

The GAVI Vaccine Provision Project


What is the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI)?
What is the GAVI Vaccine Provision Project (VPP)?
What are the specific objectives of the VPP?
How will the project team function?
How will the project team interface with stakeholders?

What is the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI)?

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) was created in 1999 to save children's lives and protect people's health through the widespread use of safe vaccines. The Alliance is an innovative partnership of governments, international organisations, major philanthropies, public health and research institutions and the private sector that work together to improve access to sustainable immunization services, expand the safe use of all needed cost-effective vaccines; and accelerate research and development efforts for new vaccines most needed in developing countries.

The Vaccine Fund was established in 2000 with contributions from the Gates Foundation and the governments of Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America. The Vaccine Fund serves GAVI's mission by providing grants based upon guidelines and recommendations approved by the GAVI Board. To date, 47 of 75 eligible countries have been awarded support for new and under-used vaccines (against hepatitis B, Haemophilus Influenzae type B (Hib) and yellow fever); 13 countries have been approved for safe injection supplies (e.g. auto-disable syringes); and 41 for direct financial support (Immunization Services Strengthening); with an estimated total commitment of more than USD 850 million over five-years.

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What is the GAVI Vaccine Provision Project (VPP)?

The GAVI Vaccine Provision Project (VPP) is a pilot project established by the GAVI partnership to ensure timely provision and use of Vaccine Fund supported vaccines and associated products to low income countries. It is executed through a multi-disciplinary team of public health, finance and procurement professionals from UNICEF, WHO and the Vaccine Fund, working with the GAVI Secretariat and a number of GAVI partners.

The GAVI Board requested that the VPP be established in June 2002 following an analysis of the global vaccine market and a review of the first round of GAVI procurement in 2000-2001. The Board endorsed the VPP project management arrangements in August 2002.

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What are the specific objectives of the VPP?

In its first phase, the VPP has focused on the development of an accurate, product-specific forecast for Vaccine Fund supported products (Hepatitis B and Hib containing vaccines; and Yellow Fever vaccine) to be used by countries in the period 2004-2006. UNICEF Supply Division will use this product forecast as a basis for the 2003 GAVI tender for Vaccine Fund supported products.

Development of a credible demand forecast is a key strategy to secure affordable quality vaccines to low-income countries; ensure that manufacturers invest in manufacturing capacity to meet global vaccine needs; and stimulate private investment in R&D development of high priority vaccines.

UNICEF Supply Division issued the tender in January 2003. Contract awards will be publicly notified in July 2003.

The scope and activity plan for the second phase of the Vaccine Provision Project that addresses programme, supply and financing issues is now being developed. A project plan for 2003-2004 will be submitted to the GAVI Board Oversight Committee at the end of April 2003.

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How will the project team function?

The core project team is composed of the following individuals:

  • Dr. Paul Fife, Senior Health Advisor, UNICEF PD-Health (Project Manager)

  • Ms. Alice Albright, Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, the Vaccine Fund (Financing focal point)

  • Ms. Shanelle Hall, Chief Immunization Team, UNICEF SD (Supply focal point)

Team members are accountable for the execution of project plan activities within their functional area (program, supply or financing) and for engaging and working with relevant stakeholders and resource groups. The project manager is responsible for coordinating the team and is accountable to the GAVI Board for the overall planning and execution of the project. Performance is measured using indicators and milestones.

Project oversight and guidance is ensured through a sub-committee of the GAVI Board, the Project Oversight Committee, composed of one Developing Country representative (currently Mozambique) and one OECD Country representative (currently Norway) serving on the GAVI Board, supported by the GAVI Secretariat. VPP activities are reported and discussed with the full GAVI Board when it meets two-three times per year.

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How will the project team interface with stakeholders?

In addition to the GAVI Board, stakeholders comprise health authorities in countries eligible for Vaccine Fund support, vaccine manufacturers, partner agency staff involved in program implementation, as well as the broader GAVI partnership.

The project is implemented by GAVI partners according to their respective organizational mandates, roles, responsibilities and capacity.

  • General information on the Vaccine Provision Project is available on the GAVI website.

  • Countries will be consulted either through official correspondence (e.g. through the GAVI Secretariat, WHO or UNICEF); during regional and inter-country meetings; and when required through country visits. Official country documentation submitted to the GAVI Secretariat (i.e. country applications, financial sustainability plans, annual progress reports).

  • Consultation with suppliers will follow the general principles of fair distribution and equal access to information for all manufacturers, maintenance of confidentiality and avoidance of conflict of interest. As the partner with lead supply responsibility, UNICEF SD is responsible within the project team for liaison with manufacturers. WHO, as the lead agency in technical and regulatory issues, is responsible for manufacturer liaison with regard to pre-qualification of products and quality follow-up.

  • In order to build supplier confidence in the 2004-2006 forecast, manufacturers have been consulted through (1) a written advisory and request for feedback to manufacturers in October 2002; (2) bilateral consultations as part of regular agency operations; (3) a pre-tender meeting with manufacturers in December 2002.

  • Technical staff involved in program implementation will be kept consulted and kept informed through GAVI task force and partner agency channels.

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