GAVI task force evolution

Since its inception, GAVI has established time-limited task forces to address specific issues on behalf of the alliance. Originally four Task Forces were established:

  • Research & Development Task Force
  • Financing Task Force
  • Advocacy & Communication Task Force (formerly the “Advocacy Task Force”)
  • Implementation Task Force (formerly the “Task Force for Country Coordination”)

Task forces have been very effective in providing a forum for the GAVI Partners to interact and pool resources for GAVI activities. One of GAVI’s fundamental strengths is the framework for collaboration and consensus building the alliance provides, but there are limited opportunities for partner participation outside the Board and Working Group. Task forces provide neutral venues in which all partners can contribute, have strengthened both collaboration and accountability, and have fostered a wide range of ideas, commitment, energy, and creativity.

The task forces have also developed important products, such as the ADIPs, the financial sustainability planning process, the immunisation financing toolkit, the advocacy resource kit, training materials, the Data Quality Audit (DQA) process, etc.

At its March 6, 2003 meeting, the GAVI Board called for a review of current task forces in light of GAVI’s evolution. A Board Sub-Group (CDC, DFID, WHO, UNF) was established to assess the functions, outputs and life cycles of the task forces against their original tasks, terms of reference and GAVI “added value” role, and to make recommendations to the Board on the future of each of the existing Task Forces. At the 11th Board meeting, it was decided that the R&D Task Force would disband at the end of July, and that the A&CTF and the ITF will disband at the end of 2003, when their work is completed.

Former Task Forces

Research & Development


Advocacy & Communication

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