Washington, DC, 15-16 July 2003

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8. Data Quality Audit update

  • Good quality data is important for monitoring performance as well as managing programs. The Data Quality Audit (DQA) does not examine how countries actually use the data for program management but does provide substantive information in relation to improvements expected in immunization data management and reporting.

  • The progress report on the DQA was well received, but Board members questioned the extent to which data are being used at the health facility level. USAID is willing to support countries to improve their information systems, including supporting a study to assess how countries are using Immunization Services Support (ISS) from the Vaccine Fund. DFID would be willing to support an evaluation of GAVI and The Vaccine Fund’s performance-based grants system.

  • Board members are supportive of evaluating the performance-based functions of GAVI in order to learn more about how the infrastructure money from The Vaccine Fund is being used. This does not imply a change in policy but an opportunity to observe practices in the countries. This could be helpful for GAVI in its resource mobilization activities because this is the truly innovative part of GAVI. Questions to be addressed include the effect of incentive schemes at national, district and local level.

  • While countries are able decide how to use the money according to their requirements, the cash must be available where it is most needed - usually at the delivery level. However, experience from the polio eradication efforts show that it is very difficult to track the use of funds down to the district-level.


The Board:

    8.1 Supported in general an evaluation of ISS and the performance-based grants system. The Secretariat to move forward with USAID, DFID, WHO and a developing country to develop TORs and a timeline for the study.

    8.2 Requested partners such as WHO to support countries to improve data management and reporting in countries with low DQA scores.

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