12th GAVI Board Meeting

Geneva, Switzerland, 9 - 10 December 2003

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December 9th
Report from the field - Cambodia H.E. Dr. Hong Sun Huot, Senior Minister and Minister of Health
  • Presentation (PPT - 216K)
Recommendations from the Independent Review Committee (IRC) Oleg Benes, IRC Proposal Team Member (new proposal recommendations)
Ciro de Quadros, IRC Monitoring Team Chair (continued support recommendations)
Mercy Ahun, GAVI Secretariat Principal Officer for Country Support (policy recommendations)
  • IRC Recommendations (PDF - 362K)
  • Country support policy recommendations (PPT - 165K)
  • Proposal recomendations (PPT - 133K)
  • Monitoring recomendations (PPT - 239K)
Presentation of GAVI Work Plan and Budget Tore Godal, GAVI Executive Secretary
  • Final Work Plan (PDF - 257K)
  • WP Summary (PDF - 19K)
  • WP Monitoring (PDF - 18K)
  • Financing Proposal (PDF - 9K)
  • Secretariat Staffing (PDF - 15K)
  • Presentation (PPT - 327K)
Development of long term strategy and plan for GAVI Tore Godal, GAVI Executive Secretary
David Fleming, Director of Global Health, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Presentation (PPT - 201K)
Closer integration of GAVI Secretariat and The Vaccine Fund management Jacques-François Martin, President, The Vaccine Fund
  • Launching a path toward convergence (PDF - 53K)
  • Presentation (PPT - 145K)
Campaign to raise awareness of immunization and mobilize resources for Partners and The Vaccine Fund Alex Palacios, Executive Vice President, resource mobilization, Vaccine Fund
  • none
The Vaccine Provision Project (VPP) - Lessons Learned Paul Fife, Former VPP Project Manager
  • The Vaccine Provision Project (VPP) Lessons Learned from the Pilot Phase Jul 02-Oct 03 (PDF - 150K)
  • Presentation (PPT - 125K)
December 10th
Financial sustainability update Amie Batson, Senior Health Specialist, The World Bank
  • Presentation (PPT - 152K)
Update on Systems Barriers consultations Sigrun Mogedal, Senior Advisor, NORAD
  • Addressing Health Systems Barriers to Immunization: Outcome of Consultation with Countries (PDF - 87K)
  • Presentation (PPT - 109K)
Presentation of Polio strategy 2004-2008 Bruce Aylward, Co-ordinator, Polio Eradication
  • Polio Eradication Strategic Plan 2004-2008 ‘Finishing the Job and Protecting our Investment’ (PDF - 543K)
  • Summary (PDF - 19K)
  • Presentation (PPT - 1713K)
Opportunities to better align with measles mortality reduction efforts H.E. Francisco F. Songane, Minister of Health, Mozambique
  • Options for Promoting Synergy Between GAVI and Sustainable Measles Mortality Reduction (PDF - 123K)
  • Presentation (PPT - 4820K)
Updates on rotavirus and pneumococcal ADIPs Jan Holmgren, ADIP Management Committee Chair
Orin Levine, Pneumococcal ADIP Team Leader
John Wecker, Rotavirus ADIP Team Leader
  • ADIP Management Committee report of decisions and action points (PDF - 24K)
  • Pneumo budget (PDF - 14K)
  • Rota budget (PDF - 15K)
  • Presentation (PPT - 1580K)
New Technologies Mark Kane, Director, Children’s Vaccine Program
  • The Case for Investment in R&D for Three Immunization Technologies: Recommendations for GAVI Action (PDF - 99K)
  • Presentation (PPT - 39K)
Board and Working Group turnover Tore Godal, GAVI Executive Secretary
  • Nominations for Developing Country Board member (PDF - 8K)


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