GAVI - The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization

GAVI Executive Committee

EC functions:

  1. Report on proposed strategic priorities to the full Board and make recommendations regarding their adoption.
  2. Based on approved priorities, guide and oversee the process of strategic planning and the development of the GAVI work plan.
  3. Report to the full Board on key ongoing strategic and operational issues facing the Alliance.
  4. Report to the full Board on progress and outcomes, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives and values in a transparent manner
  5. Review and act on recommendations of the IRC on country proposals, and request payments from The Vaccine Fund between full Board meetings.
  6. Report to the full Board on any major issues or conflicts arising from a systematic review of Alliance strategies and plans vis à vis the strategies and plans of The Vaccine Fund.
  7. Be responsible for any other functions delegated to it by the full Board.

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The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) is a coalition of global leaders in immunization including UN organizations, national governments, foundations, NGOs, and the pharmaceutical industry, formed in response to stagnating global immunization rates and widening disparities in vaccine access among industrialized and developing countries. Since 1999 the alliance has provided a mechanism for partners to collaborate more closely, agree upon common goals and strategies, and share a commitment to do more for immunization and to do it better.

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