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GAVI Executive Committee Teleconference

21 November 2003

Summary Report (PDF - 10K)

2004-05 Work Plan and Budget
Other matters

2004-05 Work Plan and Budget


    1. Agreed that with the minor modifications discussed during the teleconference, the revised GAVI 2004-05 Work Plan and Budget should be presented to the Board with the EC’s recommendation to approve.

    2. Requested that efforts be made to obtain buy-in on the work plan activities among GAVI Partners not currently represented on the Board.

    3. Requested that WHO bring up its issues regarding overhead costs with the full Board at the December meeting.

Other matters


    4. Approved the revised report of the October 29 EC meeting.

    5. Agreed that Carol Bellamy should update the full Board on the activities of the EC during her opening remarks at the Board meeting.

    6. Noted the comment by Minister Francisco Songane that the GAVI Board should exert its influence on vaccine manufacturers to ensure that vaccine costs become more affordable as quickly as possible.

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