GAVI - The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization

Washington, DC, 6-7 July 2004

You may follow the links below to view relevant sections of the report on screen, or you may download the full report as a PDF document ( 190K). A list of participants is also available ( PDF - 20K).

Agenda items:

  1. GAVI Progress Report

  2. Recommendations of the Independent Review Committee

  3. EC Retreat recommendations on GAVI long-term strategy

  4. EC Retreat recommendations on financing

  5. International Finance Facility

  6. Measles investment case– Additional information requested by the Board

  7. Investment case framework

  8. EC Retreat recommendations on optimal structures and processes for GAVI & Vaccine Fund

  9. EC Retreat recommendations on long-term vaccine availability and affordability

  10. Hib update

  11. Proposal to explore ‘bridge’ financing of select vaccines

  12. ADIP Management Committee meeting

  13. Preliminary findings of the evaluation of GAVI Immunization services support (ISS) funding

  14. Improving the country application process & time-limited extension of ISS funding

  15. Proposed review of GAVI governance processes

  16. Yellow fever stockpile

  17. Budget for Vaccine Fund Trust Account at UNICEF

  18. Location and dates for next GAVI and EC meetings and teleconference

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