GAVI - The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization

Fifth GAVI Board Meeting, 21-22 June 2001, London, England

June 2001

Update on China, India, Indonesia


The procedure for proposals for the three large countries – pre-assessment by the Working Group and then reviewed by the Independent Review Committee before being presented to the Board – is acceptable.


The Board:

  • confirmed that India will need to demonstrate a strong commitment by the government to strengthen immunization services and introduce new and under-used vaccines before its proposal could be funded;

  • urged that in China, efforts to strengthen capacity of national regulatory authorities will need active monitoring with clear plans and milestones, in conjunction with the country’s multi-year plan; lack of progress could result in a discontinuation of funding;

  • agreed that if Indonesia’s proposal includes a request to the Fund for a pre-filled monodose hepB vaccine to increase efficacy of the birth dose, with Indonesia providing the second and third doses.

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