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Country Support Process

1. Eligible countries submit proposals and/or progress reports

All eligible countries (<$1000 GNI/capita) are invited to submit proposals for support from GAVI/The Vaccine Fund; approved counries are required to submit annual progress reports. The proposals and progress reports are received at the GAVI Secretariat by specific dates set annually, about which the eligible countries are notified.

Countries are strongly encouraged to prepare their proposals and progress reports in collaboration with their national partners. Alliance members at the country level (usually through an Interagency Coordinating Committee, or ICC) are required to sign the proposals and progress reports, thereby indicating their endorsement and agreement with the information provided.

The proposals and progress reports are screened by the GAVI Secretariat for completeness and basic eligibility. Thereafter each proposal and progress report is pre-assessed by a WHO expert group which looks at consistency of information, validity of data provided, coordination with polio eradication and injection safety efforts. Their feedback is provided in written form to the Independent Review Committee (IRC) for their use during deliberations on the proposals.

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2. The Independent Review Committee (IRC) reviews proposals and/or progress reports

The Independent Review Committee (IRC) provides objective, expert advice to the GAVI Board on country proposals and progress. The IRC includes three separate teams that convene in Geneva separately and at different times of the year:

  • the new proposals team
  • the monitoring team
  • the financial sustainability review

The IRC members are selected by the GAVI Executive Secretary after consultation with the GAVI Working Group, and endorsed by the GAVI Board. The criteria in this selection are: broad expertise in health with specific knowledge of vaccines and immunization; independence from the partners of GAVI; and integrity. Due regard is paid to the importance of selecting experts on as wide a geographic basis as possible.

The IRC teams review country proposals and progress reports in accordance with the policies laid down by the GAVI Board, following the criteria for eligibility and assessment as expressed in the guidelines published by the GAVI Secretariat in consultation with the partners in the Alliance.

A confidentiality and conflict of interest statement is signed by all IRC members. Members are excluded from discussions regarding their own countries and/or those countries that they have assisted in preparing an application for GAVI support.

    2a. IRC new proposal team recommendations on new applications

    Based on their review of country proposals, the IRC new proposals team makes technical comments and suggestions and recommends one of four outcomes to the GAVI Board:

    • Approval
    • Approval with clarifications – some details or numbers have to be clarified, decision subsequently to be taken by the Secretariat, usually within a month.
    • Conditional approval – deficiencies in one or more major areas; response to conditions to be reviewed again by the IRC new proposals team at a later round.
    • Resubmission – Major deficiencies or incomplete proposals. Full re-submission and new review at a later round required.

    2b. IRC monitoring team recommendations on progress reports

    Receipt of satisfactory annual progress reports is a condition for continued support from The Vaccine Fund. Progress reports are also pre-reviewed by WHO and UNICEF experts to check data consistency and calculation of vaccine requests

    Based on their review of progress reports , the IRC monitoring team makes technical comments and suggestions and recommends one of three outcomes to the GAVI Board:

    • continue to provide support;
    • request clarifications before continuing to provide support;
    • request the country to resubmit its report (or part of it) as insufficient information has been provided.

    To date, all supported countries save one (Liberia) have submitted the information required to continue receiving support.

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3. Recommendations to the GAVI Board

The IRC recommendations – for both new proposals and continued support – are forwarded by the GAVI Secretariat to the GAVI Board for decision. To date, the GAVI Board has accepted all of the IRC recommendations.

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4. Recommendations to the Vaccine Fund Executive Committee

Once the GAVI Board approval is given, the recommendations and funding requests are forwarded to The Vaccine Fund Executive Committee, which has been delegated by the Vaccine Fund Board to make GAVI programme funding decisions, usually meets within days to confirm the GAVI Board decision. To date, the Vaccine Fund Executive Committee has confirmed all of the decisions made by the GAVI Board, without exception.

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5. Release of funds for direct funding support to countries and procurement of vaccines and supplies

Once the Vaccine Fund Executive Committee has approved funding recommendations, Vaccine Fund staff requests the required funds to be released by the Vaccine Fund Trust Account at UNICEF. If the UNICEF Trust Account does not have the required funds on hand the Vaccine Fund U.S. 501(c)(3) transfers funds to the UNICEF Trust Account to cover the approved country funding.

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6. Funding directly to countries

For countries receiving Immunization Service Support (ISS) funding, money is transferred directly from the UNICEF Trust Account to an ICC-approved bank account in the country.

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7. Funding for procurement of vaccine and supplies

For countries receiving vaccines and/or safe injection supplies, money is transferred directly from the UNICEF Trust Account to UNICEF Supply Division to procure the needed items. UNICEF Supply Division is then responsible for arranging delivery with the country.

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8. Technical support from GAVI technical partners

GAVI partners that provide technical support to countries include WHO, UNICEF, bilaterals such as USAID, and other technical agencies and NGOs including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Children’s Vaccine Programme at PATH. These partners either currently sit on the GAVI Board, or have in the past. Technical support is provided for, among other things, immunization programme assessments and development of long-term plans, preparation of GAVI proposals and progress reports, and ongoing implementation of programmes.

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9. Funding support from GAVI donor partners

GAVI donor partners may contribute directly to the Vaccine Fund U.S. 501(c)(3) or to the Vaccine Fund Trust Account at UNICEF. In addition, donors provide financial support directly to GAVI technical partners.

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