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15th GAVI Board Meeting
28-29 April 2005 | Geneva, Switzerland

Participation by invitation only, if you wish to attend, please contact Lisa Jacobs


Thursday 28 April

Part 1: setting the stage for strategic discussions for phase 2

Topic Presenter
Opening Dr LEE Jong-wook, Director General, WHO
Global Immunization Vision and Strategy Jean-Marie Okwo-Bele, WHO
PPT - 334K  
Vaccine Fund financial report and forecast Andrew Jones, The Vaccine Fund
PPT - 263K

Part 2: Framing the phase 2 strategic development process

Topic Presenter
Looking forward to GAVI phase 2, including GAVI funding principles Julian Lob-Levyt, Executive Secretary, GAVI
PPT - 81K
Process for soliciting and reviewing investment cases Bo Stenson, GAVI Secretariat
PPT - 84K

Part 3: GAVI support for new vaccines in phase 2

Topic Presenter
Advance purchase contracts Ruth Levine, CGD
PPT - 237K
Comment - Roy Widdus, Global Health Futures Network
PPT - 59K
Vaccines environment paper Diana Chang Blanc, WHO
PPT - 88K
Update on long-term procurement policy development Gargee Ghosh, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
PPT - 376K
HepB, Hib and yellow fever in phase 2

Patrick Zuber, WHO
PPT - 520K

Part 4: GAVI support for strengthening immunization systems in phase 2

Topic Presenter
Update on health system strengthening investment case Patrick Kadama, WHO & Paul Fife, Norad
PPT - 109K

Friday 29 April

Part 5: Updates on other pending issues

Topic Presenter
Update on IFFIm Joy Phumaphi
2006-07 Strategic Framework Bo Stenson
PPT - 84K
Update on Convergence Julian Lob-Levyt
PPT - 75K
Any other business (2005 GAVI Partners meeting)
In camera session (if needed)


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Information Note PDF - 87K
Hotel registration form - please return to Secretariat by 15 April 2005 PDF - 90K

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