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Upcoming 3rd GAVI Partners' Meeting in New Delhi - details

First GAVI Partners’ Meeting, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 20-21 November 2000


Prof. Dr. Kees Lucas, Local Organizer & Chair

Monday, 20 November 2000




09.00- 09:20

Introduction/Welcome - Why immunization is a priority

Dr Els Borst-Eilers, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, The Netherlands
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Pické Hall
09.20- 09:40 GAVI - Immunization within the context of poverty reduction and other health efforts. What GAVI is, why is it different? Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director-General of WHO, Chair of GAVI
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09:40- 09:55

GAVI - La perspective de pays

Professor Janine Tagliante-Saracino, Director of National Institute of Public Hygiene
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09:55- 10:05

GAVI’s contribution to the Global Movement for Children

André Roberfroid, Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF Pické Hall
10:05- 10:20

How to get new vaccines developed and introduced faster in the global health system

Dr Jean Stephenne, President & General Manager, SmithKline Biologicals
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Pické Hall

10:20- 10:40


Pické Hall
10:40- 11:10


Tappenbeck Foyer
11:10- 11:30

Why is immunization a Gates Foundation priority

William Gates, Sr., Co-Chair and CEO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Pické Hall
11:30- 12:00

GAVI -How it functions

The Vaccine Fund -How it functions

Tore Godal, Executive Secretary, GAVI
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Mark Kane, Director, Bill and Melinda Gates Children’s Vaccine Program

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12:00- 12:30


Pické Hall

12:30- 14:00


14.00- 15.45

Ministerial Symposium

  • The new health priorities within health sector context
  • complementary, not competing efforts
Dr Borst-Eilers and Dr Brundtland
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Pické Hall

15:45- 16.00


Tappenbeck Foyer

16:00- 16:10

Introduction to constituency break-out sessions

Topics to be addressed:

  • Election of new board members
  • Communication and collaboration within constituencies
  • Ways in which the constituencies can contribute to GAVI’s agenda

Board Members

Pické Hall

Parallel Sessions


Research and Development

Dr J. La Montagne, NIH
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Panorama 7

Technical Institutes

Dr M. Levine, University of Maryland

Panorama 8


Dr M. Kane, PATH/CVP

Panorama 1


Dr T. Evans, Rockefeller Foundation

Panorama 2

Developing Countries

Mr S. Ngedup, Bhutan;
Dr L. Shodu, Zimbabwe

Pické Hall

OECD Countries

Dr Y. Bergevin, Canada;
Dr E. Borst-Eilers, Netherlands

V. Berckel Lounge

Developing Country Industry

Amie Batson, World Bank

Panorama 3


Dinner hosted by the Netherlands


Tuesday, 21 November 2000





08:30- 09:30

PANEL: New strategies to meet vaccine needs:

1. Push, pull

2. The role of developing country producers

3. Procurement

CHAIR: Chris Lovelace, the World Bank

1. Michel Greco, Chairman, IFPMA
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2. Dr Marcos Oliveira, Director of Bio-Manguinhos (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation)

3. André Roberfroid, Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF
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Pické Hall

09:30- 10:30

Task Forces - Panel

Advocacy, Country Coordination, Financing, Research and Development

Task Force Chairs
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Pické Hall

Parallel Sessions


Building a Communications/ Advocacy Plan Into Your Immunization Efforts

Chair: Scott Wittet, PATH-CVP
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Presenters: Gabriela Helguera, Mexican Health Ministry;

Yasmin Haque, UNICEF Bangladesh

Panorama 1

Advocacy - How to Inform and Persuade Influential Audiences

Chair: Lisa Jacobs, GAVI Secretariat

Presenter: Michael Mills, Communications Image Consultant

Panorama 7

Immunization and health systems development: Capacity strengthening of institutions in the South

Chair: Bjorn Melgaard, WHO

Presenters: Professor Rune Nilsen, University of Bergen, Centre for International Health;
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Sam Adjei, Deputy Director-General, Ghana Health Service
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V. Berckel Lounge

The GAVI/Global Fund Country Proposal Process: Questions and answers

Chair: Bo Stenson, GAVI Secretariat

Panelists: Abdallah Bchir, Member, GAVI Independent review panel;

Paul Fife, UNICEF

Pické Hall

Investment and market-based strategies for accelerating the development of new vaccines

Chair: Dr Mohammadi, Razi Institute, Iran

Presenters: Mr Walter Vandersmissen, SKB, Belgium
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Dr Yair Quinones, CIGB, Cuba
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Dr Krishna Ella, Bharat, India
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Ms Amie Batson, The World Bank
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Panorama 8

Long-term financial stability of national immunization programs

Chair: Benjamin Loevinsohn, The World Bank

Presenters: Miloud Kaddar, ABT Associates; Steve Landry, USAID; Jacques François Martin, Global Fund for Children’s Vaccines

Panorama 2

Disease-specific vaccine development

Cross-cutting technology development to strengthen systems

Chair: Yasuhiro Suzuki, WHO

Presenters: Dr Mike Levine, University of Maryland

Dr Mark Kane, PATH-CVP


Panorama 3

12:30- 14:00



Parallel Sessions



PANEL: Improving access

1. Inter-agency Coordination Committies (ICCs)

2. Multi-year plans

3. Sustainable financing

4. Building demand through communication efforts

5. Impact of health reform

CHAIR: Maritel Costales, AVSC International

1. Dr Ciro de Quadros, Director, Division of Vaccines and Immunization, PAHO
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2. Abdallah Bchir, Département de santé communautaire, Tunisie

3. Dean Jamison, Professor of Public Health, UCLA

4. Roy Head, BBC World Service Trust

5. Dr. Moses Adibo, Deputy Minister of Health, Ghana
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Pické Hall

Immunization Safety

1.Public perceptions of vaccines and vaccine safety

2.Injection safety

1. Bruce Gellin, Executive Director, National Network for Immunization Information

2. Yvan Hutin, Global Coordinator, SIGN, WHO
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PANEL: Innovation in vaccine development and service delivery

1. Malaria, HIV/AIDS, TB

2. Accelerating near term products


3. Field Research

4. Technologies and service delivery

CHAIR: Dr. Claudio Lanata, Instituto de Investigacon Nutricional

1. Seth Berkley, President, IAVI

2. Dr Ian Gust, Department of Microbiology & Immunology University of Melbourne

3. Dr. John Clemens, Director, International Vaccine Institute

4. John Lloyd, Bill and Melinda Gates Children’s Vaccine Program



15:45- 16:15


Tappenbeck Foyer
16:15- 17:00

Outlook of GAVI: Dreams, realities, and global participation

Jacques-François Martin, President, Global Fund

Pické Hall




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