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GAVI Task Forces

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Four GAVI Task Forces were established to address specific issues of concern to the Board. Task Forces are funded and managed by their respective lead agency(ies), and include representatives of the relevant partner agencies.

Financing Task Force (FTF) The World Bank and The Vaccine Fund, co-chairs

The FTF is responsible for increasing the understanding of why there is inadequate funding for vaccines and immunization in the poorest countries and identifying strategies to improve the capacity of governments, donors and development banks to finance needs.

GAVI Financing Task Force Website

Former Task Forces

Task Force on Research and Development (R&DTF) WHO, academia and industry, co-chairs

The R&DTF existed to support the GAVI objectives to accelerate the development and introduction of new vaccines and technologies and to accelerate R&D efforts for vaccines needed primarily in developing countries.

Advocacy and Communication Task Force (ACTF) UNICEF, chair

The mission of the ACTF was to facilitate the achievement of GAVI Milestones by strengthening advocacy and communication support for immunization at global, regional, and country levels.

Implementation Task Force (ITF) WHO, chair

The ITF was responsible for identifying the best mechanisms for country coordination among all stakeholders and for developing strategies to establish such mechanisms at country level.

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