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GAVI Update

New York City, 6 March 2003


3 GAVI Strategic Framework


  • The sub-group has worked on the clarifying the concept of 'GAVI added value' and suggested more could be done to make this into an operational definition. They concluded that the 2004-5 workplan should focus on:

    • activities to realize GAVI's added value

    • activities to support countries and meet their needs.

  • Regarding the proposal for country consultations, some Board members saw value in asking country level partners for their views and feedback on GAVI processes and strategy. However, several Board members expressed reluctance to embark on such consultations as a step in developing the next work plan. There is a risk in asking countries to suggest priorities and activities for GAVI as it could both raise expectations and result in too many diverse responses.

  • Therefore, Board members voiced the need to discuss and agree upon GAVI's strategic directions before embarking on a broad country consultation process. Further, it was recommended to de-link communication with countries regarding the McKinsey analysis from the preparation of the 2004-05 work plan.

  • Important aspects of the strategic framework would be to raise the right questions, to develop the thinking as regards accountability of partners and of division of labor between partners in order for the Board to be able to focus on areas which provide most comparative advantage.

  • The importance of clarity and of defining the issues and questions for GAVI was emphasized. GAVI's vision and core functions should be articulated. The Secretariat should outline current progress and results.


The Board:

  • 3.1 Requested the Secretariat to prepare a draft strategic framework for 2004-5 to be reviewed and agreed by the existing Board work plan sub-group. If necessary, the Secretariat should undertake a limited consultation process. The strategic framework would include:

    • 3.1.1 core added value activities such as ICCs and country support including partner coordination at country level, IRC functions, VPP, FSPs and DQAs, as well as ADIPs and other coordinated partner activities, which under the umbrella of task forces, support these processes at global, regional and country level.

    • 3.1.2 relevant recommendations and analysis from the McKinsey study and work on how to take forward the differentiated country approach.

    The strategic framework would then be finalized and agreed on by the Board in its July meeting as a basis for the development the 2004-5 workplan.

  • 3.2 Requested the Secretariat to develop clear statements on GAVI's scope and functions, and of GAVI and the VF's intentions to continue beyond five years, for communication to countries.


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