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Geneva, Switzerland, 9 - 10 December 2003

Options for Promoting Synergy Between GAVI and Sustainable Measles Mortality Reduction
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11. Measles

  • There was overwhelming support for the initiative and conceptual support for considering how best to use Vaccine Fund resources in measles mortality reduction activities.

  • The Vaccine Fund should not veer from its catalytic role and it would not be appropriate to make a decision about investing in measles without first completing the investment case framework for GAVI discussed under section 4.


The Board:

    11.1 Agreed to advocate for the positive impact that measles mortality reduction activities are having on strengthening routine immunization systems and promote monitoring of key measles indicators and outcomes. The first activity in this area should be to ensure that measles is included on the agenda of the MDG high level consultation on 8-9 January 2004 in Geneva.

    11.2 Requested the GAVI Working Group to work with the measles experts to flesh out a concrete proposal to be ready for the full Board by the end of March, considering the urgency of the need. This proposal, which should be considered a test case for the investment case framework activity discussed in section 4, would contain more specific information, such as allocation timeline and criteria, accurate funding information and projections, and defined added value role of GAVI.

    11.3 Agreed to review this proposal electronically and discuss it via teleconference to ensure rapid action.

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