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GAVI Update

Geneva, Switzerland, 9 - 10 December 2003

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4. Development of long term strategy and plan for GAVI

  • Since its launch, The Vaccine Fund has made specific contributions to the broader immunization goals of the GAVI alliance. One significant contribution has been intense, short-term investments aimed at reducing costs over time. Examples of short-term investments with expected return include vaccine purchased by Vaccine Fund, the data quality audit and financial sustainability planning.

  • Recognizing that one of the most important added value of the alliance has been in areas linked to the use of Vaccine Fund resources, the Board considers that the scope of GAVI and The Vaccine Fund should overlap to the greatest extent possible.

  • It may be valuable for the Vaccine Fund to adopt a broader role to respond to more country needs. However, The Vaccine Fund cannot fund all immunization activities. Instead, its use should be framed by the strategic priorities of GAVI and by a clearer understanding of the value add of investments from GAVI/The Vaccine Fund within the broader funding flows of governments and international agencies. For example, the value-add of GAVI/The Vaccine Fund investment may be defined as a catalytic fund to enable innovation and the introduction of new programs and technologies. This definition should occur in the process defined in decision 4.1 below.


The Board:

    4.1 Agreed that the development of the investment case framework should proceed as outlined in the presentation, keeping in mind that the timeline presented for this work may have been over-optimistic. This process should include broad consultation with countries through ICCs, and involve the Vaccine Fund Executive Committee, the GAVI Executive Committee, the full GAVI Board, and other partners.

    4.2 Agreed that the work should include a wide and comprehensive consultation process and address the following issues, among others:

      • country perspective
      • introduction of new vaccines and technologies versus accelerated scale-up of existing immunization programmes
      • efficiency and effectiveness
      • effects on immunization outcomes

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