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Geneva, Switzerland, 9 - 10 December 2003

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3. The GAVI 2004-05 Work Plan and Budget

  • The work plan truly represents a joint effort of the Alliance. The Board appreciated the intense amount of work of partners and the Secretariat to prepare the work plan and respond to the questions and feedback of the GAVI Executive Committee.


The Board:

    3.1 Approved the proposed GAVI 2004-05 work plan and budget of $34,418,000 with the following caveats:

      3.1.1. To delay disbursement of approximately $1.5 million in funding for Vaccine Provision Project (VPP) until the Board has made a decision on the future of the VPP in early 2004.

      3.1.2. To delay disbursement of the $600,000 that had been proposed for possible meetings of the IRC monitoring team with countries until the Board has made a decision about how best to improve the quality of reporting and information from countries (see Decision 2.6).

    3.2 Decided to continue relying upon existing mechanisms (i.e., the GAVI Executive Committee) for monitoring of the work plan.

    3.3 Requested further prioritization of the work plan activities, should it not be possible to raise the full cost of the budget, to ensure that the most critical activities are completed.

    3.4 Agreed that it would be valuable to track funding related to GAVI added value activities by partners (such as USAID) which are not recorded in the 2004-05 work plan and budget.

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