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GAVI Update

Washington, DC, 6-7 July 2004

IRC Recommendations
(PDF - 187KB)
Presentation by Merceline Dahl-Regis, new proposal team chair
(IRC Proposal,PPT - 124K)
Presentation Ciro de Quadros, monitoring team chair
(IRC Monitoring,PPT - 89KB)

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2. Recommendations of the Independent Review Committee

  • It will be important to look into the reasons why a substantial portion of immunization services support (ISS) funding has not been spent. [The Secretariat is preparing a more in-depth analysis which it will provide to the Board as soon as possible.]

  • As the IRC monitoring team has just finished its most recent review, the official report of the team, including its policy recommendations, will be presented formally to the GAVI Executive Committee for discussion and decision shortly. [Done on 15 July]


The Board:

    2.1 Agreed to recommend to The Vaccine Fund to release US$ 4,887,500 to fund the proposals recommended for approval by the Independent Review Committee's (IRC) review team.

    2.2 Decided to consider how to support low income countries under stress at a future meeting.

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