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Eighth GAVI Board Meeting, Paris, 19-20 June 2002


Agenda items: Download:
Pre-meeting symposium on scaling up a joint response between global and national efforts Julian Lob-Levyt on the current health and development context (Powerpoint – 26kb)

Sigrun Mogedal’s summary of potential strategies for developing a response (Powerpoint – 37kb)

Report From Asia Presentation (Powerpoint – 4.24Mb)
GAVI Review Presentation (Powerpoint – 50kb)

Paper (Word – 665kb)

Lessons Learned from the GAVI procurement Presentation (Powerpoint – 57kb)

Paper (Word – 980kb)

Summary (Word – 47kb)

Evolution of the Task Force on Country Coordination (TFCC) into the Implementation Task Force (ITF) Presentation (Powerpoint – 48kb)

Paper (Word – 665kb)

Immunization Financing Database Presentation (Powerpoint – 576kb)
Financial Sustainability Plan Update Presentation (Powerpoint – 269kb)

Paper (Word – 40kb)

The Vaccine Fund Draft Strategic Plan and Emerging Policy Issues Presentation (Powerpoint – 320kb)

Paper (Word – 360kb)

Accelerated Development and Introduction of Priority New Vaccines; ADIPs Presentation (Powerpoint – 265kb)

Paper (Word – 333kb)

Summary (Word – 33kb)

Revised guidelines for optimal, effective and catalytic use of resources from “Window 3” of the Vaccine Fund Presentation (Powerpoint – 49kb)

Paper (Word – 40kb)

IRC Recommendations from the 7th country proposal review round Paper (Word – 249kb)
Progress on strengthening NGO involvement in GAVI Paper (Word – 39kb)
Participants List Paris Board Meeting Paper (Word – 35kb)
Background items: DOWNLOAD
  Paper A: Proposal for November Board Agenda Item: WHO/UNICEF Human Resources for Immunization (Word – 30kb)
  Paper B: Update Hib conjugate vaccine introduction and Hib disease burden in Asia (Word – 760kb)
  Paper C: Update of MVP activities (Word – 24kb)
  Paper D: Developing Successful Global Health Alliances (PDF – 144kb)

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