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GAVI Update

Fifth GAVI Board Meeting, 21-22 June 2001, London, England

June 2001

Capacity Building


Strengthening capacity of individuals and institutions in countries is critical for the long-term success of GAVI. It would be helpful to have a presentation on the activities and plans of the GAVI task forces, and in particular the Task Force on Country Coordination (TFCC) at the next Board meeting.

The framework for strengthening capacity may be too traditional and top-down in its approach. The inter-task force sub-group that has been formed to develop the framework should strive to seek more creative approaches to ensuring sustainability, including a broader perspective at the country level emphasizing the roles of ICCs and the broader health sector and institutional development.

It will be important to use the innovations developed through the Alliance to exploit from a capacity building point of view. One example of this is the immunization Data Quality Audits (DQA) which are being piloted in countries over the next few months.


The Board:

  • requested that capacity building be included as a distinct item on the next Board meeting agenda.


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