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GAVI Update

Third GAVI Board Meeting

Oslo, 13-14 June 2000

Adopted Agenda

1. Welcome and Introductions

Gro Harlem Brundtland, Chair; Anne Kristin Sydnes, Norwegian Minister of International Development

2. Country proposal update and process

Michel Zaffran, WHO

3. Polio eradication and GAVI

Yves Bergevin, CIDA

4. Financing Issues

a) Vaccine procurement

Steve Landry, USAID; Steve Jarrett, UNICEF

b) Sustainable financing

Chris Lovelace, World Bank

c) ‘Pull’ mechanisms

Amie Batson, World Bank

5. GAVI R&D Task Force

Mike Levine, University of Maryland; Gus Nossal, University of Melbourne; John LaMontagne, NIAID

6. Global Fund Administration and Procedures

a) Fund Update

Mark Kane, Children’s Vaccine Program

b) Management of UNICEF working capital account

David Alnwick, UNICEF

6. GAVI Structure and Management

a) ’In Camera’ session of the Board

b) Guiding Principles

Tore Godal, GAVI Secretariat

c) Agreement between the Secretariat and the host institution (UNICEF)

Umberto Cancellieri, GAVI Secretariat

Other matters


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