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July 2004

Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization

Board Membership

Following is the full list of 11 rotating members of the GAVI Board, showing the constituencies, respective terms of office, and the individual representing the institution. Dr Lee Jong-wook, Director-General of WHO is chair.

Constituency Member
Term of Office*
Represented by

Developing country government

Jan '03 - Dec '04

Dr P. Nymadawa, Minister of Health

Jan '03 - Dec '04

Dr Francisco F. Songane, Minister of Health

Jan '04 - Dec '06

Dr Khandaker Mossarraf Hossain, Minister for Health and Family Welfare

Industrialized country government

Jan '03 - Dec '04

The Honorable Aileen Carroll, Minister for International Cooperation
Jul '03 - Jun '06
Dr Renaud Muselier, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
Jan '04 - Dec '06
Ms Annika Bjurner Söder, State Secretary

Technical health institute

Health Canada
Jan '04 - Dec '06
Dr Arlene King, Director, Immunization and Respiratory Infections Division
Industrialized country vaccine industry Chiron Vaccines
Jan '04 - Dec '06
Mr John Lambert, President

Developing country vaccine industry

Serum Institute of India
Jan '03 - Dec '04
Dr Suresh Sakharam Jadhav, Director-General

Nongovernmental organization (NGO)

Currently Vacant
Now seeking nominations

Research institute

University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Jul '03 - Jun '06
Prof. Jan Roland Holmgren, Head of the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

*At its July 2003 meeting the Board approved the extension of rotating Board member terms from two to three years, in order to allow rotating members to fully build their constituencies and contribute to the GAVI Board. All rotating members whose terms started later than June 2003 will serve for three years.

Following is the list of the 5 renewable members of the GAVI Board:

Agency Represented by
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Dr Richard Klausner, Executive Director of Global Health
UNICEF Ms Carol Bellamy, Executive Director
Dr Pascal Villeneuve, Chief, Health Section
The World Bank Group Mr James Wolfensohn, President [ex officio member]
Dr Jean-Louis Sarbib, Senior Vice President, Human Development
WHO Dr Lee Jong-wook, Director-General [Chair]
Dr Joy Phumaphi, Assistant Director-General for Family and Community Health (FCH)
The Vaccine Fund Mr Jacques-François Martin, President



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