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What is GAVI?

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization is an historic alliance between the private and public sector committed to one goal: saving children's lives and people's health through the widespread use of vaccines. International organizations, governments, vaccine industry, research institutions, and major philanthropists collectively form a dedicated partnership serving the shared GAVI objectives. Intent on increasing child immunization around the globe, GAVI and its financial arm, The Vaccine Fund, act as a fuel energizing the efforts of poorer countries to provide children with basic access to life saving vaccines. Using a revolutionary performance based approach to funding, The Vaccine Fund motivates national governments to secure a more promising future for their children. Simultaneously, the alliance aims to stimulate the vaccine industry to develop and supply vaccines vital to low-income countries. Since its inception in 1999, GAVI has been uniquely effective in its mission, adopting a rigorous business-like attitude in resolving a global health concern.

Following are some background documents. You may also want to see the section on Governance.

GAVI Q&A in English , French , Spanish and Russian (download)

GAVI and the Vaccine Fund Overview

GAVI Objectives

GAVI Milestones

GAVI fact sheets

GAVI Progress Report 2002

Latest results from GAVI and The Vaccine Fund

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