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Strengthening service delivery =>> Health information and monitoring systems =>>

All countries with failed DQAs have received timely and adequate support

Responsible entity: WHO
Completed by: July 2005
Total budget: $709,517

Target description and how it will help reach GAVI milestones

The DQA is a tool to assess the quality of immunization data collection systems. "Passing" the DQA is a requirement to qualify for full GAVI funding. "Failing" a DQA not only has financial implications, it also indicates major shortcomings in reporting systems. In order to improve these systems, and in preparation to a follow-up DQA, countries need to address issues raised in the DQA recommendations. It is expected that about fifteen countries will fail the DQA during the next biennium and hence will need assistance during the post-DQA period.

ACCESS MILESTONE: TIf weaknesses identified by DQA can be addressed, countries will be better placed to improve their data-system and hence can better target immunization activities, thus improving access.

Justification for selection of activities

Direct support to implement DQA recommendations will tackle documented weaknesses.

The use of consultants will allow to rapidly improve countries’ understanding of system weaknesses and to increase local capacity through training. Additional capacity strengthening will be organized at regional and country level through add-on sessions during immunization-related meetings.


Activities Budget Coordinating partner/ support partners Expected outcomes
Technical and logistical support for DQA follow-up $709,517 WHO/ CDC Detailed analysis of the DQA recommendations and local data and knowledge; priority-setting on district level improvements;
Consultants will be trained and dispatched to support countries;
•An extra day added to existing regional and country immunization-related meetings will ensure that quality data collection will remain on countries agenda and that local skills are improved.

Detailed information on activities

Activity 1:

The DQA recommendations will need to be analyzed and followed-up if countries are to "pass" a follow-up DQA and to improve their reporting systems. This is seen as a first step towards on-going efforts to maintain improved monitoring. The DQA is expected to highlight the weaknesses in reporting systems that result in inadequate coverage reporting. Addressing such weaknesses will also allow countries to better target their immunization activities and make strategic decisions that are data-driven. On-going monitoring will be facilitated through the use of the DQS (see target 1 and 3) and other tools. Involvement of district level staff will be necessary if the improvements are to be widely implemented. The activity entails that 5 consultants will each be trained for 1 week, and that each of the countries will receive 1 month of consultant support. Funds at country level are also budgeted for one-off improvements in monitoring systems (e.g. printing, training).

CVP/PATH will be partners to field test the methodology. As the tool will be used by district level workers, translation will be made into Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Iranian, and other languages.

Cost: $ 709,517, including 25 man-months of support (consultants and staff), implementation funds to improve reporting systems and follow-up on DQA recommendations, training of consultants and national staff. The equivalent of $ 532,017 is intended for use at country level, while the remaining $177,500 will be for workshops for country-level staff, organized at (sub) regional level.

Targets by priority area

Strengthening service delivery

==>> Health information and monitoring systems

Data Quality Self-Assessment (DQS) methodology and other tools finalized
All countries with failed DQAs have received timely and adequate support
DQS systematically used by at least 10 countries
Health system (HMIS) and immunization (EPI) specific reporting coordinated, where possible

==>> Contributing to alleviation of system-wide barriers

==>> Enhanced efforts in large population countries

Ensuring access to vaccines and related products

==>> Procurement/Supply of existing products

==>> Development and introduction of new, near-term products

==>> Managing process for country support from Vaccine Fund

Securing long-term financing

==>> Financial sutainability

==>> Recapitalization of The Vaccine Fund

Strategic planning & monitoring

==>> Setting priorities

==>> Monitoring progress


==>> Alliance coordination

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