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Securing long-term financing =>> Financial sutainability =>>

All countries assisted to integrate FSPs into their national planning and budgetting processes (which may include PRSPs and MTEFs)

Responsible entity: Financing Task Force (FTF)
Completed by: December 2005
Total budget: $3,729,000

Target description and how it will help reach GAVI milestones

While preparing an FSP is the first step of the financial sustainability process--FSP implementation and integration of the planning into existing national budgeting processes is critical.

ALL MILESTONES: Solid financing is one of the several elements required to ensure continuity in services and to fund on-going increases in coverage, quality and access to traditional and new antigens.

Justification for selection of activities

In 2004, 35 countries will start implementing their FSPs, and 61 in 2005.

FSP implementation requires extensive coordination to support countries, share best practices and undertake rigorous strategic analyses.

Communicating and building buy-in of donors and national partners is required. Analyses of FSP data from countries will support this.

Exploration of all financing options will ensure a smooth transition to sustainable financing.

Development of a national investment case/CE analysis will help countries anticipate the implications of any new product introduction.


Activities Budget Coordinating partner/ support partners Expected outcomes
Direct country support for FSP implementation $1,010,000 WB WHO CVP Unicef bilaterals • 22 countries will begin implementing their FSPs in 2004;
• 30 countries will begin implementation in 2005.
• Follow on support for implementation will be required in 12 countries in 2004 and 34 countries in 2005.
Regional coordination for FSP implementation $625,000 TBD • Regional partners/entities are contracted to coordinate support for FSP implementation including recognized enhancement of national and regional capacities.
Global coordination for FSP implementation $639,500 TBD • Successful coordination of partner support to countries implementing FSPs,
• Ensuring integration into national planning and budgeting processes,
• Sharing issues/best practices/lessons learned among countries and partners at all levels.
Strategic analysis in support of FSP implementation $1,454,500 WB WHO CVP Bilaterals Unicef Analyses include:
• on-going support to the immunization financing database,
• development of targets and benchmarks for countries, for donors;
• exploration of options for "soft landings"

Detailed information on activities

FTF will contract out responsibility for FSP implementation support to partner agencies and entities through a competitive bidding process. It is envisaged that regional partners will provide a critical link and bridge in the provision of support to countries.

Targets by priority area

Securing long-term financing

==>> Financial sutainability

All funded countries have developed their financial sustainability plans (FSP) according to schedule, with lessons learned and experiences shared with countries and partners.
All countries assisted to integrate FSPs into their national planning and budgetting processes (which may include PRSPs and MTEFs)
Role of FTF in coordinating partner inputs and assuring funds for financial sustainability work to be transfered to partner(s) with their future roles and responsibilities clearly defined.
All funded countries have had their FSPs reviewed.
New global and country level financing mechanisms developed and tested.

==>> Recapitalization of The Vaccine Fund

Strategic planning & monitoring

==>> Setting priorities

==>> Monitoring progress


==>> Alliance coordination

Strengthening service delivery

==>> Health information and monitoring systems

==>> Contributing to alleviation of system-wide barriers

==>> Enhanced efforts in large population countries

Ensuring access to vaccines and related products

==>> Procurement/Supply of existing products

==>> Development and introduction of new, near-term products

==>> Managing process for country support from Vaccine Fund

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