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Securing long-term financing =>> Financial sutainability =>>

Role of FTF in coordinating partner inputs and assuring funds for financial sustainability work to be transfered to partner(s) with their future roles and responsibilities clearly defined.

Responsible entity: Financing Task Force (FTF)
Completed by: December 2005
Total budget: $400,000

Target description and how it will help reach GAVI milestones

Since June 2000, the FTF has been the coordinating mechanism for multiple partner inputs into the financial sustainability work. In 2005, the FTF will disband. The revised target has two components: 1) ensuring that the FTF management and coordination of the financial sustainability effort is transitioned to a partner(s) and 2) that the roles of all partners be clearly defined at hand-off.

ALL MILESTONES: Building institutional capacity around financial sustainability to support immunization programs is indirectly, but concretely supporting achievement of milestones.

Justification for selection of activities

Financial sustainability planning is a new activity developed by the FTF. To ensure that support to countries continues in this area after the FTF completes its term in 2005, the process needs to be mainstreamed into partners’ work plans. Therefore, a plan of action outlining how individual partners at the global and regional level can continue to support the financial sustainability process is required.

A forum to share the GAVI experience around financial sustainability issues among countries, partners, and other global initiatives is optional.


Activities Budget Coordinating partner/ support partners Expected outcomes
Coordination of GAVI partners to develop an action plan regarding FSP preparation and implementation. $240,000 WB • A plan of action approved by the GAVI Board outlining the future process to support countries to prepare and implement financial sustainability plans, including relative roles and responsibilities between and among partners and countries.
General support for FTF and related work $160,000 WB • Ensure participation of developing country representatives on FTF;
• ensure key documents are translated for dissemination, meeting expenses, mailings etc

Targets by priority area

Securing long-term financing

==>> Financial sutainability

All funded countries have developed their financial sustainability plans (FSP) according to schedule, with lessons learned and experiences shared with countries and partners.
All countries assisted to integrate FSPs into their national planning and budgetting processes (which may include PRSPs and MTEFs)
Role of FTF in coordinating partner inputs and assuring funds for financial sustainability work to be transfered to partner(s) with their future roles and responsibilities clearly defined.
All funded countries have had their FSPs reviewed.
New global and country level financing mechanisms developed and tested.

==>> Recapitalization of The Vaccine Fund

Strategic planning & monitoring

==>> Setting priorities

==>> Monitoring progress


==>> Alliance coordination

Strengthening service delivery

==>> Health information and monitoring systems

==>> Contributing to alleviation of system-wide barriers

==>> Enhanced efforts in large population countries

Ensuring access to vaccines and related products

==>> Procurement/Supply of existing products

==>> Development and introduction of new, near-term products

==>> Managing process for country support from Vaccine Fund

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