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GAVI Update, August 2003


Oslo Workshop: 22-23 August 2002

List of participants in alphabetical order

  1. Mr. Wolfgang Bichmann, Chairman,
    DAC/POVNET Subgroup on Poverty & Health, Germany

  2. Dr. Richard Bumgarner, Consultant,
    Rockefeller Foundation, USA

  3. Prof. David Canning,
    Department of Economics, Queen's University, UK

  4. Dr. Dan Chisholm, Economist,
    Global Programme on Evidence for Health Policy, WHO, Switzerland

  5. Mr. Michael Conway, Principal,
    McKinsey Consulting, USA

  6. Dr. Pedro Couto, Director,
    National Research Department, Ministry of Finance, Mozambique

  7. Mr. Svein Åge Dale, Senior Adviser,
    Department for Development Cooperation Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

  8. Dr. Martinho Dgedge, Deputy National Director of Health,
    Ministry of Health, Mozambique

  9. Mr. Jonas Gahr Støre, Director and Chairman of the Board,
    ECON Centre for Economic Analysis, Norway

  10. Dr. Tore Godal, Executive Secretary,
    GAVI Secretariat, Switzerland

  11. Mr. Åge Grutle, Director General,
    Department for Multilateral Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

  12. Ms. Lisa Jacobs, Associate Secretary to the Board,
    GAVI Secretariat, Switzerland

  13. Prof. Dean T. Jamison, Senior Fellow,
    Fogarty International Center, USA

  14. Ms. Cathrine Jonsen, International secretary, Conference Organizer,
    Energy and Environment, ECON Centre for Economic Analysis, Norway

  15. H.E. Mr. Donald Kaberuka, Minister,
    Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Rwanda

  16. Ms. Tale Kandal, Higher Executive Officer,
    Department for Bilateral Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

  17. Ms. Marion Kelly, Specialist in Child Health,
    DFID, U.K.

  18. Dr. Jane F. Kengeya-Kayondo, Senior Policy Analyst,
    Director General's Office, WHO, Switzerland

  19. Dr. Dan Kress, Senior Health Economist,
    Children's Vaccine Program at PATH, Abt Associates, USA

  20. Dr.Rune Lea, Senior Adviser,
    NORAD, Norway

  21. Dr. Josè Dias Loureiro, Economic Assistant,
    Prime Minister's Office, Mozambique

  22. Mr. John Marshall, Consultant,
    The Vaccine Fund, Switzerland

  23. H.E. Dr. Pascoal M. Mocumbi, Prime Minister,

  24. Dr. Sigrun Mogedal, GAVI Board Member and Senior Adviser,
    NORAD, Norway

  25. Dr. Arve Ofstad, Senior Adviser,
    NORAD, Norway

  26. Ms. Mai Oldgard, Adviser,
    Energy and Environment, ECON Centre for Economical Analysis, Norway

  27. Mr. Ingvard Theo Olsen, Director, Health Economist,
    Center for Health and Social Development, Norway

  28. Mr. Raj Shah, Chief Policy Analyst, Senior Economist,
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USA

  29. Mr. Philip Swanson, Senior Economist,
    Energy and Environment, ECON Centre for Economic Analyisis, France

  30. Prof. Alan Tait,
    University of Kent at Cantebury, UK

  31. Ms. Veronica Walford, Consultant,
    DFID, U.K.

  32. Ms. Gro Ween, Higher Executive Officer,
    Department for Development Cooperation Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

  33. REGRETS:

  34. Dr. Sam Adjei, Deputy Director-General,
    Ghana Health Services, Ghana

  35. Dr. Julian Lob-Levyt, Chief,
    Health & Population Department, DFID, U.K.


Executive Summary


List of Participants


Introduction PPT – 345k

  • Dr. Tore Godal

What do we know about the economics of immunization? PPT – 91k

  • Prof. Dean Jamison

Investing in immunization: The diversity of country situations PPT – 408k

  • Mr. Jonas Gahr Støre

What kind of economic information do decision-makers need for resource allocation?: The donor perspective PPT – 34k

  • Ms Marion Kelly

Economic benefits from investing in child health and immunization PPT – 1062k

  • Prof. David Canning

GAVI Financial Sustainability plans and process PPT – 225k;
GAVI Immunization Financing Database PPT – 525k

  • Mr. Dan Kress

Catalytic vaccine financing PPT – 101k

  • Mr. Raj Shah

Health system approaches to increase coverage PPT – 175k

  • Dr. Sam Adjei's presentation delivered by Tore Godal

Challenges in reaching higher coverage PDF – 93k

  • Mr. Michael Conway

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