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Country financial sustainability plans and recommendations (January 2004)

Country Recommendation Documents
Armenia Minor revision needed FSP (PDF - 237K)
Azerbaijan Major revision needed FSP (PDF - 213K)
Burkina Faso Minor revision needed FSP (PDF -213K)

Minor revision needed FSP (PDF - 213K)
Cameroon Major revision needed FSP (PDF - 161K)
Comoros Major revision needed FSP (PDF - 130K)
En Français (PDF - 307K)
Ghana Minor revision needed FSP (PDF - 230K)
Guyana Minor revision needed FSP (PDF - 701K)
Haiti Minor revision needed FSP (PDF - 365K)
Madagascar Minor revision needed FSP (PDF - 202K)
En Français (PDF - 319K)
Malawi Major revision needed FSP (PDF - 234K)
Pakistan Major revision needed FSP (PDF - 345K)
Sierra Leone Major revision needed FSP (PDF - 343K)
Tajikistan Minor revision needed FSP (PDF - 455K)
The Gambia Minor revision needed FSP (PDF - 269K)
Uganda Minor revision needed FSP (PDF - 348K)
United Republic of Tanzania Minor revision needed FSP (ZIP - 552K)
Uzbekistan Minor revision needed FSP (PDF - 235K)
Vietnam Minor revision needed FSP (PDF - 236K)
Zambia Minor revision needed FSP (PDF - 198K)

Country financial sustainability plans and recommendations(January 2003)

Country Recommendation Documents
Cambodia Minor corrections needed FSP (Word - 738K)
Côte d'Ivoire Minor corrections needed FSP (Word - 332K)
Ghana Major revision needed FSP (PDF - 156K)
Guyana Major revision needed FSP (Word - 1,580K)
Kenya Minor corrections needed FSP (Word - 1,464K)
Kyrgstan Minor corrections needed FSP (not yet available)
Lao PDR Minor corrections needed FSP (Word - 1,156K)
Malawi Major revision needed FSP (Word - 864K)
Mali Minor corrections needed FSP (Word - 543K)
Mozambique Minor corrections needed FSP (Word - 162K)
Rwanda Minor corrections needed FSP (Word - 266K)
The United Republic of Tanzania Major revision needed FSP (Word - 1,730K)

Annual report form (February 2004):

Guidelines for preparing a national immunization program financial sustainability plan.

Please note: These forms are subject to revision.

Available monitoring reports received from countries

Data Quality Audits

Annual Progress Reports

Financial Sustainability Plans

The Data Quality Audit

Other Information

Members of the Independent Review Committee Monitoring and Evaluation Team

GAVI Update 2003 (Deadlines for receipt of documents from countries for Proposals and Monitoring & Evaluation reviews)

If you have questions, please contact your local UNICEF or WHO office, or the GAVI Secretariat at


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