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Financing Immunization

Capacity Building in Financial Management

The Challenge: building suitable short and long term capacity for well functioning immunization programs

Financial planning and management skills are critical to well-functioning immunization programs. Unfortunately, many Ministries of Health have inadequate planning and budgetary capabilities and many countries and donors have limited appreciation and experience with the value and uses of costing and financial data, and even less experience in the use of data for decision-making and improving program performance. Although there is a long-standing appreciation among the donor community of the importance of capacity building, there has been little consistent support for this area of need.

The Task Force’s contribution

The Financing Task Force (FTF) is working with an Inter-Task Force Sub-group (Financing, Advocacy and Country Coordination) to develop a Strategic Framework for Assessing and Strengthening Capacity of National Immunization Services for GAVI. The FTF will support human capacity building in financial assessment and management within the context of the strategic framework. The proposed FTF activities in capacity building have relevance for both Fund and non-Fund eligible countries.


Identifying long-term financing options

Promoting the development of new vaccines for low-income and middle-income countries

Forecasting vaccine demand

Capacity Building in Financial Management


Guidelines for preparing a national immunization program financial sustainability plan

DRAFT Strategic Framework for Assessing and Strengthening the Capacity of National Immunization Services (Word - 145KB)

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