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The Advocacy and Communication Task Force (ACTF)

GAVI created the Advocacy Task Force (later called the Advocacy and Communication Task Force or ACTF) in 1999. The ACTF provided leadership in promoting immunization as one of the most cost-effective primary health interventions and was responsive to regional and country needs for advocacy and communication support. Like other GAVI Task Forces, the ACTF added value by coordinating partner assistance to immunization programs and facilitating communication and resource-sharing among partners.

All ACTF activities were positioned in the context of the Millennium Development Goals and other global initiatives.

The overall ACTF was chaired by UNICEF and is organized into two sub-groups:

The Sub-Group for Global Advocacy (SGA), chaired by UNICEF, provided communication and advocacy support to GAVI's objectives at a global level. The central aim of all work of the SGA was to build long-term commitment of client governments and donors to full immunization. Resource mobilization, including donations to The Vaccine Fund, and increased support to country immunization efforts, was of key interest to the SGA, and continues to be of vital importance to the alliance. The SGA operated in close association with the GAVI Financing Task Force (FTF).

The Country Support Sub-Group(CSS), chaired by CVP/PATH, supported National Inter-Agency Coordinating Committees (ICCs) and Regional Working Groups (RWGs) in the areas of immunization advocacy and communication. It operated in close association with the GAVI Implementation Task Force (ITF) and its sub-groups.

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ACTF Objectives:
1. Provide leadership in promoting immunization as a centerpiece in international development efforts
2. Advocate for financial sustainability for immunization programs, and for investment in development of vaccines most needed in developing countries
3. Assess regional and country needs in advocacy and communication for immunization
4. Facilitate provision of advocacy/communication/training tools and technical assistance to regions and countries and monitor progress.
5. Work closely with and in support of other GAVI Task Forces, Action Groups, and Regional Working Groups
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