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Impact of GAVI/The Vaccine Fund
Latest updates on commitments to countries and a summary of selected results of investments.
Country proposals
Approved country proposals are available for download.
Go here to download proposal forms and guidelines
Country monitoring reports
Available country progress reports, financial sustainability plans, and Data Quality Audits can be found here

Press Release: Call for Increased Political Will and Resources to Reach Endangered UN Goal of Saving Children's Lives
12 November 2004 - Two key European physician groups—Germany’s Stiftung Präventive Pädiatrie (SPP) and The Society of Independent European Vaccination Experts (SIEVE)—today called on the German government and other governments in Europe to further support efforts to immunize the world’s children. Read more

Press Release: The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization announces New Executive Secretary
25 October 2004 - Dr LEE Jong-wook, chair of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) board announced the nomination of Dr Julian Lob-Levyt as the new GAVI Executive Secretary.Read more

Evaluation of GAVI Immunization Services Support (ISS) funding
A study conducted by Abt Associates on the revolutionary performance-based funding programme that provides untied resources to developing country health systems. Read more

Last GAVI Board meeting:
Read the report of the discussions and download relevant documentation and presentations from the GAVI Board meeting on 6-7 July in Washington DC.

GAVI to support measles mortality reduction in Africa
In July the GAVI Board approved using $50 million of The Vaccine Fund resources to support specific measles mortality reduction efforts in African more

NEW resource
Online database on immunization financing: Designed for GAVI partners, international donors, policy-makers, health planners, immunization programme managers, and researchers that seek and share information about immunization financing. link to web site

Country profiles
GAVI country profiles provide quick, at-a-glance summaries for all supported countries showing the vaccines, financing and other support each country is receiving from GAVI/The Vaccine Fund, and how the countries are performing so far. Browse  En Français

Updates on GAVI and The Vaccine Fund

Current commitments: table showing all of the commitments to countries to date.
Outcomes: latest numbers and graphs summarizing the impact of the work of the GAVI partners on immunization rates, resources delivered, etc.

GAVI Work Plan
An interactive area showing the GAVI priorities areas and targets for 2004-2005.

Mandela, Machel, Stoltenberg meet in South Africa
Stoltenberg was in Johannesburg to brief Mandela and Machel on the Global Campaign for Child Immunization, which was launched in London earlier this year.
Mandela statement | SABC coverage | Global Campaign

Immunization Focus - October 2003 En Francais
The health service brain drain -- what are the options for change?
Every year, health workers leave low-income countries in the thousands to seek better pay and professional prospects abroad. Rather than try to prevent the free movement of people, countries and their international partners are now seeking workable and ethical solutions
full text
Measles meets its match

An Africa-wide initiative against the continent's biggest vaccine preventable killer is already exceeding its targets for reaching more children and preventing deaths, as Karen Emmons reports
full text
Renewed attack on polio as cases spread to Nigeria's neighbors

October 2003 - News small

Mission: "To save children's lives
and protect people's health through the widespread use of vaccines."

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